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Sh15uya (Sh15uya(シブヤフィフティーン), Shibuya Fifutīn?, Shibuya Fifteen) is a Japanese television series (or dorama), broadcast on TV Asahi from January 10 to March 10 of 2005. As the title implies, the setting is the famous district of Shibuya in Tokyo, however, it is only a virtual simulation of Shibuya.

The plot concerns a group of fifteen-year-olds. The story centers on a boy named Tsuyoshi trying to recover his memories and find a way out of Shibuya. The inhabitants of Shibuya cannot leave the confines of the city. The world of Shibuya 15 is regulated by an entity know as "Piece" (alternatively translated as "Peace"). Piece locks onto "broken" inhabitants and kills those who have not operated in the proper confines of the world.

The victim is "reset" and inserted back into Shibuya with a new name and identity, their previous identity completely wiped from the minds of others.


  • Yuki Saya as Tsuyoshi
  • Aragaki Yui as Ema
  • Haga Yuria as Asagi
  • Yamashita Tooru as Ryuugo
  • Uehara Takuya as DJ
  • Katou Mao as Mikio
  • Tomohisa Yuge as Kengo
  • Karahashi Mitsuru as Ootomo
  • Mark Musashi as Piece
  • Konno Narumi as Chiko (episode 1)
  • Ai Risa as Haru
  • Hironari Amano as Ginkooin Fuu no Otoko
  • Iwai Nanase as Nami (episodes 3–5)
  • Matsuyama Takashi as Igaya
  • Takamasa Suga as Senkyoushi Fuu no Otoko
  • Sugiyama Ayano as Fastfood Tenchou
  • Takatsuki Jun as Takuhaibin no Otoko
  • Yamasaki Jun as Biyoshi Fuu (episode 11)


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