Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yui Aragaki next Movie : "Fure Fure Shojo"

Original from : Tokyograph

Rising actress Yui Aragaki, who recently picked up several film awards, has been cast in her next project. She will star in Kensaku Watanabe's "Fure Fure Shojo," which is scheduled to open this September.

Aragaki plays Momoko, a high school bookworm who longs for the type of romance found in the novels she reads. One day, she encounters Oshima, the ace pitcher of the baseball team, and falls in love at first sight. In an effort to get closer to him, she joins the team's ouendan (cheering squad). However, the squad only has one member and is on the verge of being shut down. While desperately trying to keep the squad alive, she meets a legendary cheer squad leader (Takashi Naito) who shows her the true meaning of being in an ouendan.

Aragaki remarked that she has worn a gakuran (a type of uniform) for previous works, but this was her first time wearing one fitted for her.

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