Friday, July 3, 2009

Oricon: ideal younger sister

In a recent Oricon survey, Teppei Koike ranked #1 as the male celebrity that people would want as a younger brother. The same survey also asked about younger sisters, finding that talento Becky was the most popular choice as a sibling.

Becky's cheerful and lively image was a strong factor in her popularity, though some women focused on her fashion sense, commenting that they would really want to go shopping with her.

The cute smile of actress Yui Aragaki fueled her to the #2 spot, just ahead of 9-year-old Nozomi Ohashi, who got her big break with Hayao Miyazaki's animated picture "Gake no Ue no Ponyo."

1. Becky
2. Yui Aragaki
3. Nozomi Ohashi
4. Aya Ueto
5. Mirai Shida
6. Maki Horikita
7. Masami Nagasawa
8. Aoi Miyazaki
9. misono
10. Haruka Ayase


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