Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yui Aragaki star in film based on Yo Hitoto's "Hanamizuki"

"Hanamizuki," the hit 2004 tune by singer-songwriter Yo Hitoto (33), is being used as the basis for a feature-length film. The love story will star actress Yui Aragaki (21) and actor Toma Ikuta (25).

The movie reunites director Nobuhiro Doi and screenwriter Noriko Yoshida, who worked together before on "Nada Sousou" in 2006. Aragaki plays Sae, a high school student in Hokkaido aiming to pass the entrance exam for a Tokyo university. She meets Kohei (Ikuta), who attends a fishing school in order to follow in his father's footsteps. They go through a long-distance relationship and a breakup, but are visited by a miracle ten years later.

This is said to be Aragaki's last high school character, though the latter part of her role will also have her playing a career woman working overseas. She is also undergoing special language training, as some of her lines are in English.

Supporting cast members include Misako Renbutsu, ARATA, Yuichi Kimura, Yutaka Matsushige, Osamu Mukai, and Hiroko Yakushimaru.

Filming started at the end of September in Hokkaido. Future locations include New York and Canada.


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Yui chan on alluring eyes survey

The "Bright Eyes" promotion committee recently conducted an internet-based survey of 500 men and women in their 20s and 30s, collecting their opinions on beauty with regard to eyes. One of the questions asked them to identify female celebrities with attractive eyes.

The #1 answer was actress Meisa Kuroki (21), followed by Kou Shibasaki (27) and Yukie Nakama (29). All three are said to possess the "golden ratio" of 1:2:1, which refers to the size of the iris compared to the white areas of the eye. One of the survey questions found that 44% favored the 1:2:1 ratio. The survey also found that men and women preferred large black irises.

1. Meisa Kuroki
2. Kou Shibasaki
3. Yukie Nakama
4. Ayumi Hamasaki
5. Aoi Miyazaki
6. Karina
7. Yui Aragaki
8. Misaki Ito
9. Maki Horikita
10. Yuri Ebihara


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yui Aragaki Latest Album - Hug

Hug is Yui Aragaki's second studio album, released on June 17, 2009. It was released in three formats: CD+Booklet A (limited edition A), CD+DVD+Booklet C (regular edition), and 2CD+Booklet B (limited editions B).

Disc 1
1. "Heart Will Drive" ("Round One" CM song)
2. "Utsushie (うつし絵, Silhouette?)"
3. "Only You"
4. "Make My Day" (Fuji TV drama "Hachi-One Diver" theme song)
5. "Furī Bādo (フリーバード, Free Bird?)"
6. "Shinkaron (進化論, Theory of Evolution?)"
7. "La La..."
8. "Hachimitsu (ハチミツ, Honey?)"
9. "Piece"
10. "Subako (巣箱, Nest Box?)"
11. "Reinbō (レインボウ, Rainbow?)"
12. "Akai Ito (赤い糸, Red Thread?)"
13. "Hug"

Disc 2
1. "Heart Will Drive"
2. "Utsushie (うつし絵, Silhouette?)"
3. "Only You" (Naked Voice Ver.)
4. "Make My Day" (Naked Voice Ver.)
5. "Furī Bādo (フリーバード, Free Bird?)"
6. "Shinkaron (進化論, Theory of Evolution?)"
7. "La La..." (Naked Voice Ver.)
8. "Hachimitsu (ハチミツ, Honey?)" (Naked Voice Ver.)
9. "Piece" (Naked Voice Ver.)
10. "Subako (巣箱, Nest Box?)" (Naked Voice Ver.)
11. "Reinbō (レインボウ, Rainbow?)" (Naked Voice Ver.)
12. "Akai Ito (赤い糸, Red Thread?)" (Naked Voice Ver.)
13. "Hug" (Naked Voice Ver.)

Info Source : Wikipedia
Download (zip) : Rapidshare

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oricon: young actresses to watch

In June, Oricon conducted a small survey of 350 high school girls, asking them which young actresses have most caught their attention. Now the results have been published, and 21-year-old Yuriko Yoshitaka tops the list.

Yoshitaka made her acting debut in 2006, and she won multiple awards last year for her role in the movie "Snakes and Earrings." It was recently revealed that she is in a relationship with actor Hiroshi Tamaki (29).

1. Yuriko Yoshitaka
2. Yui Aragaki
3. Maki Horikita
4. Erika Toda
5. Umika Kawashima
6. Haruka Ayase
7. Kie Kitano
7. Mikako Tabe
9. Nana Eikura
10. Kaho


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oricon: 2009's fresh stars

Oricon announced its "fresh star ranking" for the first half of 2009, which surveyed 1,200 men and women about young celebrities who have left the strongest impression on them. This time, actress Yuriko Yoshitaka and actor Hiro Mizushima led the rankings.

Yoshitaka, 20, has gained recognition through her roles in various television dramas, but her big break came last year when she received Best Newcomer awards for her performance in "Hebi ni Piasu" ("Snakes and Earrings").

The 25-year-old Mizushima, on the other hand, has been regularly topping recent popularity surveys and is likely to be one of the top young stars for a while.

1. Yuriko Yoshitaka
2. Haruka Ayase
3. Nana Eikura
4. Erika Toda
6. Yui Aragaki
7. Maki Horikita
8. Aoi Miyazaki
9. Aya Ueto
10. misono
11. Ayaka

1. Hiro Mizushima
2. Audrey (owarai duo)
3. Takeru Sato
4. Hannya (owarai duo)
5. Hayato Ichihara
6. Yusuke Kamiji
6. Osamu Mukai
6. Eita
9. Hayato Sakamoto (baseball player)
10. Ryo Ishikawa (golfer)


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